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Welcome To Our Studio

Ocean Blue Tattoo & Art Studio Bloomington MN

Ocean Blue Tattoo & Art Studio is more than just a tattoo parlor. It's an embodiment of the artistic vision of renowned watercolor tattoo artist Daniel "Natural." Born in Seoul, Korea, and shaped by an extended stay in the vibrant city of New York, Daniel infuses his creative journey with diverse influences, pouring raw emotion into creating thousands of original custom artworks.

Step into the immersive world of Ocean Blue Tattoo & Art Studio, where the boundaries between custom tattoo services and a captivating showcase of fine art seamlessly blur. Beyond our tattoo artists' creations, the studio's walls are adorned with masterpieces crafted by Ylli Haruni, an internationally acclaimed artist and cherished friend of Daniel's. You will experience a unique combination of custom tattoo services and a showcase of fine artwork. This dynamic fusion of two contrasting art forms—skin and canvas—creates an emotional tapestry, making each visit a heartfelt experience for those who appreciate the convergence of these diverse artistic realms.

At Ocean Blue Tattoo Studio, the commitment to excellence extends beyond the art itself. The studio offers a professional and immaculate workspace, surpassing industry standards in sterilization procedures. Breaking away from the conventional flash designs commonly seen in other studios, Ocean Blue takes a unique approach, avoiding the display of flash designs on its walls.

The heart of the studio lies in the dedication of its tattoo artists. Rejecting the one-size-fits-all approach, the artists at Ocean Blue are committed to crafting personalized designs that transform your tattoo into a true masterpiece, reflective of your unique preferences and individuality. Bring your "Unique Tattoo Idea" to Ocean Blue, and witness as the artists breathe life into your vision, adding vibrant hues to your world through ink on your skin.

Moreover, Ocean Blue Tattoo Studio extends an open invitation for clients to share their own drawings, prints, or photos as references or inspiration for their custom art pieces. This collaborative process ensures that every tattoo is a genuine expression of the client's personality and desires. To explore our work or schedule a no-obligation consultation, please complete the contact form on our website and set up an appointment. Your journey to unique and personalized tattoos begins at Ocean Blue Tattoo Studio.

The tattoo shop is located just a few blocks south of the Mall of America tattoo shop in Bloomington, Minnesota. We are in the same building as the Eagles Club.  In our studio, all refreshments are free of charge. We also have a patio for smoking. 

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